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Agfax correspondent Geoffrey Onditi reporting from Kenya's southern Rift Valley, WRENmedia

Agfax correspondent Geoffrey Onditi reporting from Kenya's southern Rift Valley
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Agfax began life as a radio and press service for broadcasters and news houses in Africa and Asia over 15 years ago. Now focussed solely on Africa, with reporting done by local journalists, Agfax keeps listeners in touch with recent developments in farming and rural livelihoods, with an emphasis on science and innovation. Millions of listeners in Africa tune in to Agfax interviews and features, which are broadcast by a network of 80 radio stations across the continent.

Reporting 'from the field' is a challenge for many African journalists, because of funding constraints. Agfax reports increasingly include the voices of people on the ground - farmers, traders, entrepreneurs, field workers - as well as research and development organisations. And we firmly believe that by sharing experiences from one country to another, we can help to foster development on the continent as a whole.

Feedback from Agfax users helps to keep our reporting as demand-driven as possible, tackling the subjects that matter most. It also helps us to maintain Agfax as a free service and keeps this website free of advertising. We would therefore strongly value your thoughts on the material you listen to; there's a short feedback questionnaire for each audio story on the website.

For broadcasters, each audio report has an accompanying document. This includes a full transcript of the report, a suggested studio introduction, contact details for further information, and suggestions for making the report as relevant and valuable to your listeners as possible. If you are a broadcaster in Africa and would like to receive Agfax material on CD, please contact us.



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