Excello Zidana, Malawi

Excello Zidana

Excello Zidana

Excello is the senior radio programmes officer for Malawi's Agricultural Communication Branch (ACB) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. In this position, he is responsible for the production and presentation of agricultural radio programmes designed to increase the uptake of new agricultural technologies, developments and activities. His job also entails training of radio officers working at the Agricultural Communication Branch and at Agricultural Development Divisions (ADDs) in the country. Excello has worked in rural radio for over ten years and has undergone training in Malawi, South Africa and the UK.



Full biography

Reporting interests:

Agriculture, health, environment, education and gender.

Contact details:

Address: Department of Agricultural Extension Services, P.O. Box 594, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Tel: + 265 1750 744 (office), + 265 1750 835 (fax), +265 999 226 261 (mobile)

Email: excello1962@yahoo.ie

Career highlights:

  • Working as an agricultural extension worker in northern Malawi (1987 - 1990)
  • Working as a stringer for the radio section in the ACB (1990 - 2000)
  • Started producing and presenting programmes after a training of trainers course for rural radio broadcasters in South Africa (2000)
  • Became head of radio section at ACB (2003)
  • Participated in the identification and training of radio officers recruited for the ADDs and ACB

 Training and qualifications:

  • Training of Trainers for Rural Radio Broadcasters, South Africa
  • Advanced Rural Radio Training for SADC broadcasters, Blantyre, Malawi
  • Professional radio broadcasting and studio management training - UK
  • Diploma in Journalism, Malawi Institute of Journalism
  • Certificate in Agriculture, Natural Resources College
  • BSc in Journalism, University of Malawi (on-going)


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