Kenya backs wind energy projects

Wind turbines on the Ngong Hills near Nairobi - Pius Sawa

Wind turbines on the Ngong Hills near Nairobi
© Pius Sawa

In 2007, scientists in Kenya carried out a study across the country to identify areas with high potential for wind energy. That information is now being used to support the government’s plan to expand wind energy production. In the Ngong Hills close to Nairobi, there are now six wind turbines generating power which is fed into the national electricity grid. A massive wind farm is also planned in the Lake Turkana area. Dr Christopher Oludhe, a meteorologist who was involved with the wind mapping research, explains more about Kenya’s plans for wind power. An elder from the Ngong Hills also voices his support for wind energy, and the hope that it can provide power to rural communities such as his own.

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March 2012

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