Supporting better science reporting in Africa

Effective interviewing skills are essential for better science reporting, WRENmedia

Effective interviewing skills are essential for better science reporting
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Effective reporting on science and agriculture demands good judgement, attention to detail and an ability to make a complex subject accessible and relevant to a wide audience. As producer of Agfax and New Agriculturist online journal, WRENmedia offers training and ongoing mentoring to radio and print journalists in Africa, to support their professional development in this field.

Better Science Reporting workshops are held approximately twice a year, in different locations across Africa. The training format is highly practical, involving encounters with scientists, farmers and others working in agricultural science and development. Trainees are able to build their skills while engaged in genuine reporting, with experienced journalists offering advice and coaching as part of the process.

The AWARD programme has recently announced a media competition, to raise awareness of the work being done by African women, especially women scientists, to develop smallholder agriculture in Africa. The competition is open to both male and female journalists, in print and radio format.

The deadline for entries is 7th June 2013, and the two winning entrants (one print, one radio) will receive fully funded attendance (including flights and accommodation) to the 6th Africa Agriculture Science Week in Accra, Ghana, July 15-20 2013. More information.


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