The Complete Guidelines for Kibbe Gamine Body Type 

Have you gotten bored with conventional body tests? Why don’t you try the Kibbe Test? It focuses on your bust size, waist, and hip measurements to determine the typical body shapes. In this article, let’s explore one unique body type defined by Kibbe and which the Gamine Type is. To determine your body type, take the Kibbe test online.

What Is Unique In Gamin Body Types? 

The Sharp Yin or Sharp Yang, as well as an overall blend of a sharply sensitive physicality and a fresh and spicy essence, are what define the Gamine body type. However, the following attributes are always subject to a small variance.

There are three Kibbe types: The gamine, soft gamine, and flamboyant gamine body types. Let’s take more detailed features.

Type 1: The Gamine

Typically, the Gamine body types include those under 5.5 feet in height (short vertical line).

  • Body Type –Straight and lean body type. It has a propensity for sinewy muscle. The hips and the bust are both flat. The Gamines might be a tad short-waisted.
  • Bone Features – The shape of bones is angular, pointed, and narrow. It’s sometimes called delicate.
  • Facial Structure – Large eyes, moderate to thin lips, taut cheeks, and flesh make up the face.


Gamines will not:

  • Be taller than 5.5 feet (and is usually even more petite)
  • Possess striking or unusual traits (except for large eyes)
  • Possess a colossal bone structure
  • Possess broad hands and feet
  • Own big breasts, and hips, giving you an hourglass figure.
  • Being symmetrical in terms of one’s body or face.

Type 2: Soft Gamines

curved body

Soft gamine body types are a combination of both Yin and Yang. It is more prone toward yin. A luscious yin body flesh and facial shape are followed by soft gamine.

  • Body Features –Soft, curvaceous bodies with a tendency toward fleshiness are one body type. It has a natural waist definition, a curved bust line, and hips. Legs and arms are frequently supple and plump.
  • Bone Structures – Bones are delicate and little. But they are also angular and slightly broad.
  • Face – A fairly rounded facial structure with a slightly robust or pointed jawline is also possible.


Soft Gamine won’t:

  • Possess a body shape that is rail-thin or exceedingly straight
  • Possess huge hands and feet or strange facial features
  • Possess a sharp skeleton

Type 3: Flamboyant Gamine

Both yin and yang features combined with additional yang are what make up the Flamboyant Gamine body type. It has a physically diminutive, widely angular, and brassy yet youthful spirit.

  • Body Type – Muscle type is identified. And it tends to have a leggy appearance. Weight gain often occurs below the waist and seldom above. The waist and the hip region also tend to swell up, as do the arms and legs.
  • Facial Features – Face consists of wide or slightly angular facial features (nose, jawline, and cheekbones). They have enormous eyes.

In sum, Gamine combines feminine and masculine characteristics. The two energies are precisely balanced without being combined. Perform the Kibbe test online to discover which Gamine body types you have.

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